The wedding season is in full swing. You will soon be celebrating the best day of your life and you definitely need advice on finding your bespoke wedding suit. We have established the list of trends 2019 to guide you in your choices. Discover the colors and trend patterns of Summer!

Which fabric to choose?

We suggest the “fresco“, previously mentioned in our article on specific fabrics. Perfect for the Summer season; this is the reason why it is commonly called fresco. Indeed, it is a light and transparent canvas that exists in 100% wool or in wool and mohair mixes.

What about the lining?

For the Summer season, prefer a semi-doubled jacket. As we mentioned in our article, this finish allows optimal ventilation, letting through any breeze. Associated with a fresco, the semi-lined suit will bring you lightness and freshness.

Is the vest appropriate?

The vest is making a comeback. It emphasizes the silhouette in an elegant way. Plain or patterned, it adds an original touch to a mismatched suit. It can replace your tie or your bow tie very well by bringing this traditional aspect necessary to a complete suit. Bonus: you will keep an elegant look after removing your jacket.

The complete tailored suits


Whether in interior design or in fashion, the trend is green. This color adapts perfectly to all shades of skin and hair color. This shade has the advantage of diffusing the luminosity over the entire silhouette.
Finally, if the green suit has often seemed much more daring than a bluish set, it’s only because codes and fashions have led us to believe it.

Checkered suit

The checkered suit is also one of the trends of the year. This choice brings to the look a “contemporary dandy” side.
To choose a checkered suit, it is better to opt for discrete checks: neither too spaced nor too wide. This pattern brings a touch of character to your groom outfit.
The bespoke checkered suit is perfect for a vintage wedding.

Petrol blue

The complete petrol blue suit is a must in 2019. It distinguishes itself from traditional navy blue (which has become a timeless color). This subtle hue goes very well with a white shirt.
A simple suit will bring out all the light of the petrol blue and its reflections. It is therefore better to choose a suit without color recall (stitching, buttonholes …). Be minimalist, so prefer pockets of jackets without flaps.

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Book Dormeuil sélection spéciale d'étoffes pour Atelier NA
© Book Dormeuil

Light tones (beige, white …)

The light tones are ideal for a Summer wedding. So, be bright on the beach or in the countryside. Adopt a clear tailored suit and marry it with a nice white or beige shirt. You will be in harmony with your wife’s white dress. It can be worn with any type of tie or with a bow tie. For these shades, keep it simple, the suit is self-sufficient.

Wedding © ido_events_ light tones
© ido_events_

Pastel blue

Another trendy shade of blue: pastel blue. Fresh and original, let yourself be tempted by this surprising hue. Note: if you have a pale complexion, avoid this color, your look will seem bland. The ideal is to have a complexion mast, so that the fabric is bright. For this outfit, prefer light shoes. Shoes that are too dark would create too much contrast.

Wedding © keev_bo and si_sichen in pastel blue
© keev_bo and si_sichen

Mismatched suits

The mismatched suit is defined by wearing a jacket of one color, and a pair of trousers of another color. The mismatched remains a favorite in 2019, but beware of “fashion faux-pas”!
The colors must marry to perfection. In general, it’s a good idea to combine a light color with a darker one to create a contrast. If you want to wear a patterned jacket (stripes or Prince of Wales), play with the colors of the pattern for the trousers. For an elegant outfit, stay cautious and choose associations that work every time.

Some examples:

  • If you opt for the timeless navy jacket, marry it with white or beige trousers.
  • With a beige jacket, choose shades of light brown or white for your trousers.
  • If you want to wear a colorful jacket, wear white or light beige trousers.

You can choose to follow trends or opt for a wiser bespoke suit. Simply select the right fabrics for your personality to be the most elegant on your wedding day.

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