Marriage, the union of two people, is the day that remains engraved in our memory all our lives.

We asked Estelle and Julien, dressed in a suit made by us to tell us more about their marriage.


“I asked my wife Estelle in marriage at the maternity ward, two days after the birth of our son. I waited for the calm to come back and I handed him a letter … Inside there was a card where I wrote “Mom, do you want to accept the same name as Daddy and me ?! Pablo”. Before she finished reading the map I was already on my knees with the ring… We got married in a field all in stone with a courtyard arranged in the spirit of Provence. My wife chose a decoration around the white flowers, blue and antique roses, theme quite “romantic chic”.

I knew Atelier NA thanks to my wife who loves fashion. She’s active on social networks and the blogosphere: That’s how she discovered Atelier NA. When I started my research for my suit, she told me about you and the concept of tailor-made. My choice fell on a light blue 3 pieces suit.

I also had a made-to-measure shirt with the initials of my wife embroidered on the wrist. Some of my witnesses trusted me and followed my choice by also getting their suit at Atelier NA.
I wanted something more original than the costumes I wore for work and that was the case.

I recommend Atelier NA. A tailor-made suit for the occasion is unique and it’s important to feel totally in tune with what you wear for such an important day.”

His selection Atelier NA: A light blue suit from the Cool * Breeze wool range, a navy blue vest from the Swan Hill range and a white Executive shirt embroidered on the wrist.

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