“Méfie-toi des souvenirs comme d’une montre arrêtée !” – Georges Shehadé

Elegant men necessarily have in their possession one to several watches. It is one of the corner stone accessories of the gentleman. By convention, it is worn on the left wrist whether you are left-handed or not, this is the case for 90% of the population. If you are right-handed and you wear your watch on the right, without you realizing it, your arm will work more. Added to this is the fact that the dial and the glass will tend to deteriorate more quickly. Regarding the barrel, it is mainly silver or gold metal. The bracelet itself, if it is leather, will be black, brown or blue, adapting well with your shirt or suit! It is best to adapt it according to your outfit. Metal bracelets are very common today but it depends on your tastes.


If you want to know who’s the man in front of you, just take a quick look at his watch. This even becomes a reflex for watch lovers. If your watch doesn’t define your personality, it helps. Indeed, this accessory reveals more than what we can think: it is the same for brands, models or the size you choose. It is interesting to know that it is possible to draw conclusions about you and the reasons of your choices when we know each other. How could you understand more stuff about it? This knowledge can be done quickly enough by observing the windows of watchmakers, consulting books about watches or even by having conversations with connoisseurs.

The more you know about watches, the more you will be attentive to what others are wearing and then you will be able to detect if their choice is guided by the desire to appear or if you are also dealing with a connoisseur or a true amateur. Even if there are several possible interpretations of this accessory, it is still you and your personality who make the watch, and not the other way around.


The decision in favor of one watch or another depends on you and only you. It can be used for a variety of reasons: a sports watch can be waterproof and feature multiple functions while some will want more common and classic models and others more eye-catching and “flashy”. Having several watches can broaden its functions in terms of practicality and allows you to have several options according to the occasions and thus, to adapt. For sport it’s good to have a watch but not the one that you put to go to work for example. Each watch is the product of great know-how, but each is a possible sign to be interpreted like all the other components of the style.

The most important thing is that the watch goes to you, that it matches you and that you love it. No matter what message it transmits, it’s up to you to let your personality take over.

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