Find our made to measure suit from our weaver Drago (Vantage lineup) combined with a blue pick and pick  (Distinct lineup)
Find our made to measure suit from our weaver Drago (Vantage lineup) combined with a blue pick and pick (Distinct lineup)

The suits can be made in different materials according to the use and the season. Some materials are quite warm and therefore preferable for winter and others lighter for mid-season or summer.

There are different types of materials:

  • natural materials:
    • Animal (hairs for wool or secretions for silk)
    • Vegetal such as cotton and linen;
  • atificial materials are obtained by the chemical treatment of natural materials: milk casein or cellulose (viscose, modal)…;
  • the synthetic materials are the result of the treatment of polymer granules obtained from hydrocarbons or more rarely starch: polyamide, polyester, acrylic…;

We will focus today on the natural materials we use when making your suits, your shirts and your custom coats: wool, cotton, linen and silk, explaining their characteristics, benefits and disadvantages.

What are the different animal materials we use to make your tailored suits?

Merino wool

It is a fiber from the mowing of Merino sheep from Australia and New Zealand.
The fabrics produced with this material can be used to make suits to wear all year round.
Its fiber, thermoregulatory properties, is comfortable, elastic, breathable, antibacterial, and three times thinner than ordinary sheep wool.
Merino wool is commonly used for the realization of a business suit or ceremony suit.

  © Anders Jacobsen, merino wool
© Anders Jacobsen

Mohair wool

Mohair wool is a fiber derived from the shearing of goats Angora (Asia Minor). It is used to make modern mid-season and summer suits.
This durable fiber with multiple characteristics has its insulating power in its ability to trap air and let the skin breathe in all seasons and in all circumstances.
This wool has indeed many qualities: it is light, wrinkle-free, soft and naturally brilliant. It highlights all color palettes because mohair wool has a particular affinity for dyes making them bright and ardent. It also has a thermoregulatory power.
However, the fiber is still quite rigid.

© Ariana Prestes ; mohair wool
© Ariana Prestes

Virgin wool

From the first mowing of the sheep, pure virgin wool has many qualities. It is a 100% natural fiber that breathes and retains heat while allowing sweat to evaporate. Virgin wool is very comfortable to wear, it is a real thermal regulator (very insulating). This material is untreated, durable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


Silk is a natural textile material of animal origin (unlike linen or cotton of vegetal origin) which comes from the cocoon of caterpillars, or spiders.
The contact of the skin with the silk is pleasant and healthy because it does not cause allergy and is thermoregulatory (warm in winter and cooler in summer).
It is a material that you can find mixed especially with wool, cotton or cashmere. It is very light, fluid, sensual, delicate and very resistant.

What are the different vegetable materials that we use to make your tailored suits?

The cotton

Cotton is used to make any type of fabric.
This material is easy to work with and can suit all seasons depending on the thickness and weave. Its great breathability is irreparably associated with the summer season, especially since this material brings a casual side to a suit.
The disadvantage is that it creases easily and its elasticity is low. Except if it is associated with elastane.


A linen fabric is obtained by maceration of the stems of linen. It is used to make all types of fabrics but more particularly summer fabrics. The largest world production of linen is in France, more precisely in Normandy.
It also allows you to play with the colors. Thus, it will not be rare to see colored pieces: orange, light green, or yellow as you probably noticed in our new Spring-summer 2019 Collection.
Its fiber is airy and breathable but creases quickly.

The white linens from Holland&Sherry's South Pacific lineup combined with Thomas Mason's white linen shirt : the laid-back set of summer
The white linens from Holland&Sherry’s South Pacific lineup combined with Thomas Mason’s white linen shirt : the laid-back set of summer

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