Don Draper - Mad Men - Père
© Mad Men

We have selected the gentlemen of your favorite series. These fathers of families all wear the costume in their own way. Whether you wear it like Don Draper, Sebastian Stark or Neal Caffrey, you can always find one that suits you perfectly by making you make your custom suit.

Blake Carrington (Grant Show), the elegant and ruthless businessman of Dynasty

Businessman and father of a rich and powerful family, Blake Carrington is a ruthless man in business and family affairs.

  • Carrington’s style: No pain no gain. A classic suit in a flawless navy serge.
  • If you want the same one: Holland and Sherry, City of London range.
  • His personal touch: A tie and a matching pocket.

Don Draper (Jon Hamm), the powerful and honest hero of Mad Men

Donald Draper, the businessman of Mad Men is the symbol of elegance and masculinity. He is the father of three children.

  • Draper’s style: Come back 60’s. A very formal but very comfortable 4 seasons business suit from dark grey Pick and Pick or grey anthracite “Prince of Wales”.
    If you want the same one: Naturally stretch, Dormeuil, Exel range
  • His personal touch: A club tie and a white flat folded pocket

Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), the determined and extravagant director of Empire

He is one of the founders and directors of Empire Entertainment. Lucious Lyon, who suffers from an incurable disease, must choose which of his three sons will succeed him.

  • Lyon’s style: I am what I am. Self-confidence is key. Very strict and black or very colorful made from a specific fabric like velvet.
  • If you want the same one: Holland and Sherry Luxury velvet range.
  • His personal touch: A cashmere tie and a contrasting pocket folded in a winged tip or flat folded

Neal Caffrey (Matthew Bomer), the atypical seducer of White Collar

Young businessman and father of a child he had to leave when in jail, Neal Caffrey has a great confidence in his appearance and ambition.

  • Caffrey’s style: Dandy of New York. Stripes, both on his suits and his shirts. To handle with caution!
  • If you want the same one : Holland and Sherry range Portofino or Thomas Mason, Poplin range.
  • His personal touch: A tie with pliers and a pocket watch hanging from his waistcoat.

Sebastian Stark (James Woods), the gentleman of Shark

Sebastian Stark, father of only one child, is a charismatic and self confident lawyer.

  • Stark’s style: Classics never die ; Un costume trois boutons, à large revers, en caviar anthracite.
  • If you want the same: Drago, range Cortina
  • Sa touche personnelle: A wide and colorful tie

Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), the powerful and endearing advocate of Suits

© Shark

Robert is an extremely talented and elegant lawyer. he loves to play golf and spend time with his beloved daughter.

  • Zane’s style: Controlled luxuriance. At first glance, just a dark classic suit and a white shirt but, which are suddenly sublimated with a silky and exceptional touch.
  • If you want the same: Holland and Sherry, Checkers or Thomas Mason range, Oxford & Piquet range
  • His personal touch: A patterned tie and a silk pouch and straps

Seeyley Booth (David Boreanaz), the classic character of Bones

Father of three, Seeley Booth is a special FBI agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  • Booth’s style: Another uniform. A navy or anthracite grey suit and a white shirt. An equivalent need for flexibility and robustness.
  • If you want the same: Holland and Sherry, Royal Mille range.
  • His personal touch: A tonal tie and a white pocket.

Guillaume Debailly (Alba Gaia Bellugi), the fancy secret agent of Bureau des Légendes

© Bureau des Légendes

During season 3, Guillaume Debailly is wanted by his former service of the DGSE and the CIA. His life is constantly jostled, which is not easy for his daughter.

  • Debailly’s style: A blue and sober suit with discrete patterns.
  • If you want the same: Dormeuil, Amadeus range.
  • His personal touch: A casual style (open shirt collar) without tie.

Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy), The Enduring Anti-Hero of The Nanny

Here’s a nostalgic moment with Maxwell Beverly Sheffield from the series “The Nanny”! He is a rich English Broadway theater producer. He is the father of three children from whom he leaves custody to an extroverted nanny.

  • Sheffield’s style: When Edinburgh meets Central Park East. A tweed jacket, a wool vest and corduroy trousers. Too many mixing ?!
  • If you want the same: Holland and Sherry, Sherry Tweed or Corduroy and Moleskin range.
  • His personal touch: The too much assumed, too mismatched, too many colors and especially too many patterns!

Abe Weissman (Tony Shalhoub), the passionate teacher of Ms. Maisel, Fabulous Womane

© Mme Maisel, Femme Fabuleuse

Abe Weissman is the father of a girl he loves! He is a professor at Columbia University.

  • Weissman’s style: The 50’s scientist. A mismatched grey or brown suit.
  • If you want the same: Holland and Sherry, Peacock range.
  • His personal touch: A woolen vest and a colorful tie.

Father’s day story

In 1950, Marcel Quercia, director of the famous Breton company Flaminaire, decided to find a strategy to increase the sales of his gas lighters.
Before, there was no official day to celebrate fathers. Nowadays, Father’s Day varies from a country to another. In France, it is celebrated the third Sunday of June.

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