We already mentioned in a previous article the accessories of Summer 2019. This week, let’s focus on a must-have accessory of the Summer season: sunglasses.

Historical point

The sunglasses were indirectly invented in 1792 by James Ayscough. He haD developed tinted lenses to correct vision problems. It was not until 1917 that Giuseppe Ratti created his sunglass brand “Persol” (Per il Sole in Italian) for airmen during the First World War. This brand is a classic in 1960. In 1936, Edwin H. Land designs a polarizing filter. A year later, the Ray Ban brand uses this process to create the famous “Aviator“. At the end of the Second World War, Ray Ban Aviator became popular in Europe thanks to General Mac Arthur. These glasses are then essential as a fashion accessory.

Général MacArthur portant une paire de Ray Ban Aviator
© cannesvision.fr

How to choose your frame?

If you want to wear sunglasses with your made to measure suit, take the time to select the most suitable frame.

  • For a business suit, it is best to wear a simple, elegant and discreet frame. Then choose a black or dark frame in metal or plastic Ray Ban, Tom Ford or Persol, the timeless that work every time.
  • If you wear a casual suit, mark your style with a unique pair. Dare to wear color, but beware of too bright colors. This year, the trend is for the “John Lennon” frame, in metal, very fine with colored glasses.

Although you associate your frame with your look, do not neglect the shape of your face.

  • For a round face, it is better to wear square or rectangular glasses so as not to accentuate the curves.
  • On the contrary, a square face will opt for a rounded frame.
  • If your face is oval or rectangular, you have the chance to wear all the shapes!

Where to put your sunglasses?

When you do not wear your glasses, it is necessary to know where to place them. If you wear a made to measure suit, you can put them in one of the 4 inside pockets. If you wear a casual shirt, put it in your chest pocket if your shirt has one.

The ranges to privilege

In order to select the best pair, decide first on which occasion you will wear it. Several brands offer quality frames for less than 200€: Jimmy Fairly, Persol, Polette or Rezin for example. If you want to wear them all Summer, you can afford to buy a high budget frame (more than 200€) to keep them in time; opt for Tom Ford, Céline or Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

Here is the selection of our favorite frames

Jimmy Fairly sunglasses
© jimmyfairly

Jimmy Fairly, Twin, 129€

Ray Ban, Aviator Classics, 142€

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses
© oliverpeoples

Oliver Peoples, The Row Brownstone 2, 455€

Rezin Sunglasses
© Germain Gilbert pour rezinwood.com

Rezin, OLY, Ébène, 165€

Adapted protection

UV protection is the primary function of this Summer accessory! Your look and style are important but be careful when you decide to give yourself a pair of sunglasses!

  • Avoid category 0 because it only meets an aesthetic need
  • Prefer category 1 and 2 for spring
  • If you decide to go to the beach during the Summer, category 3 will be quite suitable
  • Category 4 is preferred in case of extreme light (during a ride at sea, or in the mountains during the winter).

This Summer, whether you decide to go for a walk in the city, in the countryside or on the beach, category 3 is highly recommended to obtain the ideal protection.

You now have all the keys in hand for you to wear the best accessories of the Summer season!