It is noon, you’re peacefully seating on the terrace of a restaurant, enjoying lunch, when suddenly… huge panic : a stain on your brand new white shirt (we opted for a new shirt to add a little drama to the story).

The lasagna meal you ordered suddenly seems less attractive than it was a few minutes ago.

At the time, not so much to do, except finish those lasagnas while panicking at every bite. Damn tomato. But here is not the point.

Advice number 1 : Always carry a second shirt ready to wear at your office in case of an incident. 

Advice number 2 : Clean this stain. And here are the instructions.

It is important not to put your shirt into the cleaning machine right away. Indeed, the heat will fix the stain and it will be way more complicated to remove it then. 

However, let’s get back to the point at hand : tomato sauce. It appears that it is colorful, acidic and greasy. It is therefore a pretty difficult stain to remove.

Several options : 

  • “Savon de Marseille” (Marseille soap) : Scrub the stain with the soap barely humid (leave the soap excess on the stain). Leave for 30 minutes then rinse while slightly scrubbing.
  • Washing powder : Humidify the stain then scrub with the washing powder. Emulsify. Rinse.

And what about the other stains ?


Use a greasy substance as dish washing liquid for example. Scrub. Leave on for a few minutes and put it into the washing machine without rinsing.


Rinse the stain with clear water. Scrub vigorously with a dry “savon de Marseille”. Put it into the washing machine without rinsing on a 40° program.


> For a cotton shirt : 

  • Colored cotton : soap the stain.
  • White cotton : dab the stain with a cloth beforehand damped into bleach.Then place it into the washer.

> For a linen shirt

Polish the stain with dry soap then start the cotton cycle on the washer.


  • Apply coarse salt on the stain : it might damage the material.
  • Do not put a stained garment into the washing machine without removing the stain beforehand : heat fixes the stain. 


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