The shirt is a must in the male wardrobe. It must be at the height of your made to measure suit. Our shirts are made with care to offer the quality you deserve. Whether you are looking for a formal or casual tailored shirt, we detail in this article all the finishes we bring to our made to measure shirts.

Les boutons

White or pearlescent buttons are required for any classic or professional use shirt. Colorful buttons will be adapted to bring a sporty and fancy touch.

The collar

We had discussed the types and uses of shirt collars in a previous article. The collar of your made to measure shirt gives it its uniqueness. It is therefore important to take the time necessary to choose the collar.

The universal collars

  • Napolitan collar
  • Classic collar
  • 2bts classic collar
  • Ialian collar

For a business suit

  • English collar
  • French collar
  • Napolitan Peter’s collar
  • American collar

For a casual suit

  • Ultra fine Peter’s collar
  • Ultra fine collar
  • Officer collar
  • Long collar

For a ceremony suit

  • Wing collar
  • Fine Peter’s collar
  • Fine collar

La patte de boutonnage

  • No flap: When there is no flap, it means there is no apparent seam, which is best for professional use
  • The simple flap: On a single flap, you will find seams on both sides. A simple flappped shirt is perfect for casual use
  • The hidden flap: On this one, a band of fabric covers the buttons. A shirt with a hidden leg will be ideal with a tuxedo and a bow tie. But it will work very well for a minimalist casual look (with a chino for example).

The cuffs

  • Single cuffs: Here, the cuffs are closed with buttons
  • The musketeers cuffs: The specificity of the musketeers cuffs is the closure with cufflinks. The use of these cuffs is classic and formal
  • Fine cuffs: They are thinner than standard cuffs. The costume will have to be modern and casual.

The bottom of the shirt

  • The liquette bottom: This is associated with the wearing of the classic shirt. It consists of a rounded bottom on the front and narrowed on the sides. The excess fabric thus removed on the sides makes it easier to slip your shirt into your trousers and avoids the puffing effect of a surplus of fabric
  • The straight bottom: It is worn outside the trousers and casual way.

The chest pocket

There are three types of chest pockets.

  • The Western pocket: It is also on the left but has a flap
  • Diamond pocket: This pocket is placed on the left
  • The double Western pocket: There are two flap pockets on each side of the shirt.

Our embroidery

It is possible to choose the location of the initials (NA) on your custom shirt. For example, the embroidery may be hidden under the collar, in the pocket, on the cuffs, on the bottom of the shirt…

The Atelier NA made to measure shirt has no secrets for you anymore. You can now make your shirt adapted to your desires!

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