It was in Paris, in his agency that we went to meet Stéphane Plaza, real estate agent, radio and television host to learn more about him and his selection Atelier NA:

A word to start?

Good morning, I hope you are very healthy!

What is your morning routine?

Take a medicine for headaches if I went out the day before (laughs), quickly go take a shower. I rarely eat breakfast so I consult my phone to find out where the filming will be or I go to the agency to make a small point with my teams.

Suits : rather week-end, week?

There are not too many opportunities to tell the truth, it can be on weekdays and also on weekends. May not be everyday. For visits and “Houses for Sale” I wear some often. For “Search apartment” it’s more relaxed so I’ll put a jacket or rather I mismatch the costumes because I’m on a scooter and I find it more fun and practical.

For which occasions do you think that the suit is important?

For baptisms, weddings, traditional things and what can be important occasions. I think that it depends on the people and also the districts in which we go to Paris. For TV, we must also pay attention to how to dress when there is a direct at 20:30 for example. In any case with a suit, we do not make mistakes! Unless your choice was bad!

Can you describe your style in three words?

My own style, I will say that now the bearded side gives a side a little more mature! It can be dangerous when you’re tired because it pulls the lines (laughs). But I would say a fairly casual style while still chic. I can put a suit but just as well with sneakers to try to look a little younger. As my teams are younger than me, I want to show them that I’m still a bit in the game! I like to put suit blue and black, I do not vary the colors. I also love the tiles, it fits well and I was well advised!

What’s your favorite accessory?

I never go out with accessories unless we say that the phone is one but otherwise I never have accessories.

The fashion faux pas in your opinion?

Oh well I have already put white tennis socks thinking that it was not going to be seen. We all make mistakes in fashion but when it happens I make sure not to reproduce them. When in the morning we are not yet well awake and we catch something quickly, we may made some mistakes.

Which city do you think is the most inspiring in terms of dress?

I love Paris so it will always be Paris for me. I came back recently from New York where the style is much more relaxed, more “sportwear” while remaining classy anyway but that’s it, I think that in Paris, it moves a lot so we can really see all the styles and that’s interesting.

Is there an actor or a personality that inspires you for your style?

That inspires me this is not the right word but I like Richard Berry: I find that it is rather sober and class.

Your Atelier NA selection?

I chose 3 suits, all very different. A checkered suit in blue tones with the shirt that matches, a much more classic fairly plain but with an opening on both pockets and tight at the waist and finally the “Red Carpet” with a burgundy velvet suit. At least I try to have suits that do not look like everyone else’s!

What are the three books to read according to Stéphane Plaza?

I think we must content with the BD 1 and 2 of Stéphane Plaza “l’amour est dans le prêt”. After, you can read it three times, it works (laughs)!
We will also start Volume 3, it reads quickly, it’s easy to read and I invested a lot in this project.

What’s the trip that has struck you the most in your life?

I always make my last trips “the most beautiful”, no matter where I go, to never have regrets. I have been to the Maldives, Tahiti, New York recently… From the moment we are well accompanied, everything is fine! Whatever the weather, until the moment that we discover a city, an architecture, I find it rather nice.

What’s the next trip you plan to do?

I do not know yet but I will take my team for the well work done, I can not say it yet because it will be a surprise. All I can say is that it will be in Europe.

What are your favorite places?

I love Toulouse, the Stade Toulousain. I also like going to Marseille and the football stadium of Marseille but also to PSG. I also appreciate Aix en Provence, I think it’s very pretty.
So I can say that I love the South of France and Paris for sure.

What’s your music to work?

It’s more like electro jazz. I also really like Beyoncé, Robby Williams… I’m pretty “commercial pop”.

Are you ashamed of a music that you like to listen to?

Oh no, I’m never ashamed of what I listen to, I can very well listen Edith Piaf “La vie en rose” as Beyoncé or Rihanna “We found love” so everything is quite varied. What I listen in loop I must say that it’s Rihanna.

What insprires you the most in your work?

I will say the human. Certainly sometimes we can be a little disappointed in humans but in any case I always go with 100% confidence and it’s after that I see things…

What are your upcoming projects?

I have plans for new TV shows. “Maison à vendre”, “Recherche appartement” et “Chasseur d’appartements” will resume this year. I’m also working on an access deco, we start shooting. I’m preparing two new bonuses that will obviously talk about real estate but with a new concept.

Do you want to do a dedication?

The only dedication I can say is: come and follow me on my Instragram because it’s me who manages it and we can see that I’m pretty awkward with it. This is the only network on which I am present otherwise they are fake pages.

The final word?

Let’s stay healthy with a smile. A smile is free and it feels so good for the people who receive it, that’s my word.

The selection of the famous real estate agent? Two Holland & Sherry Royale suits with a slim down collar and Velvet Luxury Velvet.

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