We had a coffee with Baptiste Fache and he shared his passion for fashion and pastry. What is his style? What are his tips when he is baking? Discover his portrait!

We know you as a model since you have been the face of Atelier NA many times. You recently participated in the show “Le meilleur pâtissier”, can you tell us more about you? Other hidden talents?

After high school, I did three years of biology in Lille. It allowed me to learn a lot about the world in which we live, to know the world in which we live.

I then did a Master’s degree in management specializing in sustainable development. Besides, I was already doing modeling and I had opportunities to travel thanks to that. It was during a trip to New York that I started to become more interested in food and knowing what I wanted to eat and especially about sugary stuff.
So when I came back from this trip, I started to like to make my own cooking and the sweet won and that’s why I decided to bake cakes.

When was this trip?

This trip was in 2016 and I started pastry in October 2017.
I bought and I still buy a lot of books from various bakers to know new recipes.

I have always been a “sweet tooth”. My mother loved making brownies when I was a child. My great grandmother also made a lot of “Grandma’s cakes”. His specialty was the “Mocha” made from sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, then a coffee butter cream that I did not really like, but that I learned to love and now I miss these cakes. (laughs).

Now that you have evolved into the field of baking, what is the signature Baptiste Fache or an “iconic” ingredient?

It’s been two years since I practice baking and I am inspired by many chefs. There are chefs for whom I have a lot of affinity in the work and in their approach to pastry. For example Christophe Adam who holds “L”éclair de génie”, I love his approach to the product. In the street we will see in a window shop of small pastries that it is possible to take directly to taste them. I think it’s a small pleasure that we can take sometimes, alone or not, walking and enjoying a beautiful day.

It’s an approach that speaks to me a lot, to do something visually very pretty, greedy, while trying to keep a natural side. I really like working with raw fruits or herbs rather than focusing on colors or more “chemical” frosting. Making a mirror glaze is much more technical than working raw fruit but I prefer this natural side as if we were eating a fruit while realizing that there is a real job of pastry chef behind.

Recently, you shared a strawberry/tomato pie on your Instagram. Can you tell us more about it?

In modern pastry, there are many cooking techniques that are used to make pastry and I was inspired by Christophe Adam. This brings different flavors and textures.
For example, I made a tart with strawberry and tomato, it may seem surprising but the tomato is a fresh fruit, slightly sweet which goes very well with the sweetness of the strawberry.

To work the tomato as I did, I remove the skin and seeds to only keep the flesh and decant for more than three hours with half a lemon juice, sugar and three vanilla pods to add sugar. It’s the magic of pastry that is ultimately just chemistry. It reminds me of the labs I did in biology (laughs).
With the water of tomatoes, I make a caramel that I infuse. This brings a slight taste of tomato that combines perfectly with the strawberry.

Which creation are you most proud of so far?

I really like working on the “Saint-Honoré”. It is a pastry that is traditionally French and what I like is the fact that its creation requires a lot of technique: we start on a base of puff pastry with chou pastry, boiled sugar, a diplomat cream… We can work it on many different shapes and a lot of flavors.
Otherwise, I appreciate getting closer to nature by adding floral touches!

In your opinion, are there trends in pastry as there are trends in fashion?

Yes, I think there are trends in pastry as there are trends in fashion. In my opinion there is currently a tendency to disintegrate pastries.
Before, a classic cake could easily hold 1kg of sugar, which seems absurd today. There is a more sought-after work on textures and a tendency to add air to creams and cakes to bring lightness. Working with spices and herbs can bring a different taste to counteract the simple taste of sugar that we know.

In your opinion, is Instagram an interesting platform to display creations for pastry?

Instagram and social networks in general are very important in this area because a cake is eaten first with the eyes: it makes you want it first. A platform like Instagram is ideal to make consumers want to eat cakes and that, it goes first by the visual.

It is therefore the visual that will make them want to buy then it will be the taste that will make them want to come back.
Many chefs have become communicators, they have their know-how, their way to make things, their expert palate… Thanks to these communication tools, they work a lot on it to show that they know how to make pastries as beautiful as good.

Let’s go back to fashion, what is the accessory of Baptiste Fache? Without which you never go out?

I always have a bag on me, often my backpack. As I travel a lot, I always need it. My backpack is both comfortable and lightweight.

Today you are dressed in made to measure: did made to measure change the way you wear clothes?

Made to measure is an approach that I like. I see it as a unique piece, something that belongs to us a bit like a second skin. We can be proud of our clothes since it’s really our’s.

How do you wear the suit, for what occasions?

I wear the suit in a rather classical way or festive events, weddings… I will sometimes break the rules by wearing a jacket with a simple shirt or just a t-shirt to finally have this stylish look, a little more formal to have an elegant look but keeping the casual look with a t-shirt or a pair of sneakers.

Your style in 3 words?

Elegant, modern but alsocomfortable.

What will be your summer look? The colors that you will wear?

This summer, I will stay on colors that I like: pastel colors.
I like khaki and green, these are colors in which I feel good. I also like the cream colors with linen clothes, light and natural material, material of “fighter” that fits me well with my backpack (laughs).

What is your “no go” in fashion?

I will never go out with a jogging, I do not like it.

The book, the film and the music of Baptiste Fache?

  • I do not have a book in particular but I like the books of Christophe Adam. It has a whole range on products centered on several topics such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry and recently tomato. In fact he talks about the different families of these products, their origin, then he declines on all recipes what it is possible to do with. I am inspired a lot for cooking and baking. What is interesting about his books is that he travels. For example for vanilla, he went to Reunion Island to discover all the vanilla and his range of books I like a lot. Their pocket size also makes it easy to walk around easily.
  • The film that really impressed me as much for the visual side as for the soundtrack is Sean Penn’s movie “Into the Wild”. He has marked my generation a lot. The fact that a brilliant person decides to go on a road trip, to adventure and to Alaska… Throughout his trip he meets a lot of people and I find it very inspiring.
  • For music, right now I’m listening to “Good Minder”, the mix with Jean Rochefort. I find this actor very inspiring, I love his voice, his charisma, his elegance.

Who will you name as inspiring people?

I quote again Jean Rochefort, I think he exudes great French elegance with his mustache. I love Joaquin Phoenix, he has many facets that he manages to exploit with a lot of talent, he has great control of what he does. Christian Bale is an actor who inspires me too, he manages to splurge with his body while keeping a certain elegance.

A place to enjoy a good pastry in Paris?

Rue Montorgueil, there is a concept store “Fou de pâtisserie” where you can make a selection of pastry from great chefs, then stroll in a park or near a fountain to enjoy your pastry.

Pain au chocolat or chocolatine?

Pain au chocolat ! Or little chocolate bread (laughs).

Dedication ?

A dedication to my parents, who have always supported me in all the projects I have undertaken. It’s important to have a solid foundation, to have the support of my family in everything I do, to make them proud.

The final word ?

In life, if you want to receive, do not hesitate to give positive around you, without limit since we are able to provide some to the infinite. I think the more positive we give, the more we will receive in return. If you want the positive in life, you have to know how to give of your person and give a maximum of what one is able to produce in an unlimited way, it works for everything!