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Every week there are new things to do, read, listen, watch… We want to present you our selection of the novelties of the week, the things that we liked, and that you may like.

On the program of the week, watch “Joker”, go to the exhibition “Cause toujours !”, to the reopening of the Modern Art Museum and discover French Bastards!


Cause toujours !

Until January 9, discover “Cause toujours !”, an exhibition that is presented as a laboratory of ideas where we come to “crumble our certainties”. As a direct and confusing conversation between Art and Society that questions the influence of the social Web on the formation and expression of our commitment to a cause.

“The exploration is articulated in seven hashtags decrypted each time with the prism of an astonishing work of art, an enlightening media case and the word of a thinker.This polyphonic walk is the invitation artists, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, historians and journalists to collectively rethink the world as we allow ourselves to dream.”
MAIF Social Club : 37 rue de Turenne, 75003

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Reopening of the Modern Art Museum of Paris

The Museum of Modern Art in Paris celebrates its reopening by offering you a completely free weekend on October 11th, 12th and 13th. Visit the new exhibitions, the new course; take your children to the different workshops and discover the dance performances.

“Brighter, more functional and more accessible to people with reduced mobility, the museum has “rediscovered the architecture of the building as it was thought in 1937″ respecting the technical needs of the twenty-first century.”
Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris : 11, avenue du Président Wilson, 75016

Address of the day

French Bastards

This bakery has just opened to delight your taste buds! A true vision of the author’s bakery, starting with the creation of a range of rustic breads that includes a flour sourcing organic or reasoned culture, a long fermentation, natural leavening. Find many viennoiseries and other amazing pastries!
French Bastards : 61 Rue Oberkampf, 75011

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Joker – Todd Phillips


The film, which tells an original story unpublished on the big screen, focuses on the emblematic figure of the sworn enemy of Batman. He paints the portrait of Arthur Fleck, an uncompromising man despised by society.