© Hassan Hajjaj

Every week there are new things to do, read, listen, watch… We want to present you our selection of the novelties of the week, the things that we liked, and that you may like.

On the program of the week, watch “Joanne”, go to the exhibition “Carte blanche à Hassan Hajjaj”, to the show “L’Homme à tête de chou” and discover the Daroco!


Carte blanche à Hassan Hajjaj

Until 17 November, discover the new exhibition of the European House of Photography. The artist put forward this new season is Hassan Hajjaj. “He is involved in decoration and furniture, and offers many installations for all areas of the MEP. He lives and works between Morocco where he was born and the United Kingdom, influenced both by the cultural and musical scenes London, but recognized for his photographic portraits, Hassan Hajjaj is a self-taught artist who does not remain in any genre or form, moving from installation to video, and exploring the realm of photography, fashion but also other fields of contemporary creation.”
Maison Européenne de la Photographie : 5/7, rue de Fourcy, 75004

© Hassan Hajjaj


L’Homme à tête de chou


“He needed the discotheques / And eat at the Kangaroo / Club so I signed checks / Without provision I was crazy / I am the cabbage head man / Half vegetable half guy.
Who else but Serge Gainsbourg could imagine such a story and develop it throughout the duration of an album? Interned in a psychiatric clinic, the man in question there rehash his fatal adventure with the beautiful Marilou for which he slammed all his money and even more, before demolishing it in a bout of madness with fire extinguishers. Released in 1976, this anthology record, which did not immediately achieve success, is now a scenic work. Jean-Claude Gallotta pays homage to him with this choreography conceived around a new version recorded by Alain Bashung. He develops around this story of love and death, at once sensual and ironic, bitter and hallucinated, a haunting choreography.”

Théâtre du Rond Point : 2 bis, avenue Franklin-Delano-Roosevelt, 75008

© Théâtre du Rond Point

Address of the day


This upscale trattoria, with its wood oven and waiters in marinière, welcomes you from noon to midnight. “A Parisian trattoria“, summarize the founders. And in which they took care of all the details: stone and concrete walls, braided leather design seats, duck-blue velvet banquettes and a huge mirror on the ceiling to accentuate the majestic feeling of this 7-meter-high decor. Quickly discover pizzas and delicious dishes made from fresh products!
Daroco : 9 rue Vivienne, 75002

© Daroco


Jeanne – Bruno Dumont


Year 1429. The Hundred Years War is raging. Jeanne, invested with a warlike and spiritual mission, delivers Orleans and hands the Dauphin over to the throne of France. She went to battle in Paris where she suffered her first defeat. Imprisoned in Compiegne, she is delivered to the English…