© Kehinde Wiley

Every week there are new things to do, read, listen, watch… We want to present you our selection of the novelties of the week, the things that we liked, and that you may like.

On the program of the week, watch “Gemini Man”, go to the exhibition “Kehinde Wiley meets Jacques-Louis David”, to the “Nuit Blanche” and discover the Scilicet!


Kehinde Wiley meets Jacques-Louis David

For the first time, the castle of Malmaison and the Brooklyn Museum combine to exhibit the famous painting of Jacques Louis David.
“The First Consul Crossing the Alps of 1800 and its modern reinterpretation by Kehinde Wiley in 2005. Kehinde Wiley reinterprets the tradition of the great portrait through anonymous African-American models, confronted like him with their exclusion of some of the stories of the ‘the history of art.”
Château de Malmaison : Avenue du Château de la Malmaison, 92500

© Kehinde Wiley


The “Nuit Blanche” in Paris

Do not miss this magical event! The Nuit Blanche takes place on Saturday, October 5th in Paris. Great musical parade, night race in the museums, bike path on the ring road, the Nuit Blanche will make Paris shudder!

“The idea of the Nuit Blanche is always the same: to bring art out of galleries and museums and to bring it to the streets, to meet Parisians.”

This year, the Nuit Blanche follows the transformation of Paris, thought and wanted as a message to wear. The Périphérique opens exceptionally to make a Metropolitan White Night by physically breaking this border between Paris and the suburbs. “From the Porte de la Villette to the Porte de Pantin, the ring road will be transformed into a luminous velodrome from 7 pm, to give us the opportunity to ride on this pedestrian highway!”

© Ville de Paris

Address of the day

The Scilicet

Discover without further delay this new place, enrolling in the project “Reinventing the Seine” launched by the City of Paris. The Scilicet settled in the 1st district of Paris. This festive and friendly bar on the Seine awaits you with many delicious cocktail recipes!
Le Scilicet : 134 Voie Georges Pompidou, 75001

© Le Scilicet


Gemini Man – Ang Lee


Henry Brogan, a professional killer, is suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious and young agent who can predict each of his moves.