The famous weaving House Drago is a family own business which was founded in 1973. After studying the business men who wears their fabrics on a daily basis, Drago now presents its latest novelty specially created for the modern man. Therefore, Atelier NA chose to work with this prestigious draper already 2 years ago.

Today, Drago created a revolutionary fabric: blue feel

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss it:

1/ It is entirely water repellent.
This quality gives the fabric a very high resistance to water. And we all know how this can be useful under a rainy weather.  The risk of arriving at an important meeting in a wet suit is suddenly lower.

2/ It is stain-resistant.
This characteristic can totally save the lunch break, where an unsightly stain can happen so fast!
For more info on how to remove stains from your shirt, read the article about it.

3/ It also has an anti-crease effect.
No worries then to find your suit completely crumpled after taking it out of your suitcase during a business trip.

4/ It is naturally stretch. 
The fabric being naturally stretch, it makes the blue feel suit very comfortable to wear.

Ultimately you need to try and approve the blue feel innovation!


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