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We had previously discussed the finishes of our made to measure jackets, our made to measure shirts and our made to measure pants. In this article, discover the finishes of our tailored vests.
Whether you want to wear it for a ceremony, for your work or on your outings, discover all the finishes adapted to your desires.

Historical point

Heir to the fourteenth-century doublet, then the vest of the seventeenth century, it has retained its current proportions since the sartorial domination of England around 1800. Set aside, for the day, since the 1920s, it made its comeback today.

The finishes of the vest

The buttons

There are two types of vests. The crossed vest and the right vest.

  • The crossed vest is more formal than the straight vest. It has two columns of four to six buttons, the left side is superimposed on the right side and the backs are often wider.
  • The straight vest has only one column of four to six buttons, with finer lapels. On this type of vest, it is not necessary to opt for pockets.

Note: With a crossover suit, do not wear a vest underneath. This may overload your look.

AtelierNA - Gilet - costume - bleu - boutons

The pockets

The number of pockets depends on the type of vest. On a straight vest, choose only two or three. You can also choose only one on the chest; the latter will bring a touch of style. You can of course choose several pockets if you appreciate the practicality.
On a cross vest, you can opt for one to four pockets.

NB: Always choose a vest with at least one pocket!

AtelierNA - Gilet - costume - bleu - poches

The martingale

The martingale is what is in the back of the vest, you can tighten it if your vest is too loose.

AtelierNA - Gilet - costume - bleu - martingale

The Atelier NA made to measure vest has no secrets for you. You can now make your vest adapted to your desires!

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