Atelier NA offers a wide choice of collars to create your own custom-made shirts. But which one would be the most relevant for your style and body-type ?

To begin with, all collars are not meant to be accessorized. The following graph will explain how to wear them correctly :

But of course, there are some styling tips :

In the workplace:  Want to wear a bow tie ? Why not ? But avoid wearing it with a winged collar, that would look way too formal.

Casual Friday / Week end : A buttoned-down collar would be the best choice, but it must be worn with a blazer and a pair of chinos not a suit.

Ceremony : a formal look is usually composed of a tuxedo, a winged collar shirt and a bow tie. But you can also wear a standard, or a thin collar, depending on the lapels of your tux.


Take notice : 

However, a collar must be chosen according to your body-type and your face shape. As for the accessories, we also suggest to wear a tie that fits your upper chest width, for example a thin collar is not appropriate for an Endomorph body type with a large shoulder line.

Here is a brief summary of collars to wear on different occasions :

Universal collars : 

Spread collar : As defined by its name, which refers to the width between the collar tips. It accommodates large tie knots (such as the Windsor knot) and bow ties.

Classic collar : this one can be worn with and without a tie. It suits every body type and every style : a classic !

Collars adapted for a business wear : 

Snap-tab collar : Appropriate with a business look, since it must be worn with a tie.

Cutaway collar : As the snap tab collar, it must be worn with a double windsor knot or ascot for a formal look.

Spread club collar : Different from the other collars. Polyvalent and chic, it can be worn on a business and a casual outfit.


Formal collars : 

Winged collar : To wear with a tux and a bow tie.


Large chest width « Endomorph » : The spread collar will be the most adequate for a large chest, as well as the cutaway and classic collars.

Narrow chest width « Ectomorph »: Thin or extra-thin collars, also
thin club collars and universal collars.

Average chest width « Mesomorph » : You can wear any collar you want. Lucky you !

Now that you are an expert, you can create and customize your very own shirt with our brand new 3D software and share your creation !

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