Inspired by the most famous department stores that offer and promote as soon as possible, black suits, the public opinion just got used to the idea. It almost became a “basic” so it is time to re-establish the truth about the black suit.

Very trendy during the 19th century among powerful men (magistrate, judge, academic..), at the time, black represented a certain social class. Indeed, dress code during this period wanted that each color was representative of a specific hierarchic system. Flashy colors for example were associated with lower social classes.

Blue is the new black

During the 20th century, black got little by little evicted by blue which became the most widespread color and black was then only used for specific occasions as ceremonies. It is still the case today where a tuxedo is the perfect masculine outfit for a ceremony and is, most of the time, black. However, this trend tends to change a little and you can now find burgundy tuxedos, dark green and even in velvet sometimes.

Nowadays, this “chromatic social” system is completely obsolete and we can observe a trend for colors more and more present. Elegance isn’t to own a black suit anymore but to associate different patterns together with style.

After this little historic part, we understand that black must be used sparingly. As said in our article about your first made to measure suit, it isn’t exactly suitable as a unique suit for your wardrobe.

To remember : 

  • You can wear a black suit (2 pieces, 3 pieces or a tuxedo if suited for the occasion) during evenings. Indeed, this color is more adequate to be worn at nights.
  • During the day, the color is mostly seen in the service sector (restaurants for example) and at funerals.

Contrary to what we could think, a black suit isn’t easy to wear or to associate with. As an example, a light blue shirt with a black suit is too contrasting. The unique color that goes well with black is white. Simple and effective.

  • The only advantage of black compared to other colors is that it makes you look slimmer.
  • You can associate almost any color you wish with a blue or a grey suit. It would therefore be a shame to be satisfied with only a black suit because it is the most “classical” one (according to our survey on twitter, you are 16% to think this). That’s wrong!

Up to you know 🙂

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