This week, we invite you to discover 5 books that will accompany you everywhere this Summer. Read Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The four Toltec agreements” for a real introspection or immerse yourself in Toni Morrison’s heartbreaking story of Beloved. 5 books to enjoy on vacation or in a park during the weekend!

Face au vent – Jim Lynch (French)

“In the Johannssen family, the grandfather draws the sailboats, the father builds them, the mother, admirer of Einstein, studies their trajectory. In all weathers, Sunday is synonymous with going out to sea. The two brothers, Bernard and Josh, train with passion, under the noisy paternal staff. Rabby, the youngest, barely listens. It is useless: she seems to command the wind. But when one day she decides to give up a career of champion all drawn, the family dislocates and scatters.
Twelve years later, a new race will be the occasion for reunions as expected as risky.”

The man who wanted to be happy – Laurent Gounelle

The man who wanted to be happy puts happiness back in the center of our concerns, when man disconnects from nature and feeds on the frenzy of modern society, he exhausts his vital energy and his ability to recover. Then the essential, his ability to minimize problems Laurent Gounelle, a philosopher and a specialist in troubled souls, delivers a novel where the quest for well-being begins with work on oneself. women to arm themselves with willpower to reclaim the right to be happy.”

Beloved – Toni Morrison | Tribute

“Inspired by a news item in 1856, Beloved exhumed the horror and madness of a painful past.” Former slave, Sethe killed the child she cherished in the name of love and freedom, to that she escapes a fate of servitude. A few years later, the ghost of Beloved, the missing girl, returns painfully haunting her guilty mother.”

The dry – Jane Harper

“Kiewarra, a small rural community in southeastern Australia, crushed by the sun, overwhelmed by an unprecedented drought, its dust, its emaciated cattle, its desperate farmers, desperate to the point of killing women and children, and returning the weapon against oneself?
That’s what happened to Luke Hadler, and Aaron Falk, his childhood friend, has no reason to doubt it. If there were not a few words in the mail: Luke lied.
You lied. Be present at the funeral. Returning to Kiewarra is the last thing Aaron wants.
Too hot are still the wounds of his hasty departure years ago. Too dangerous the secret he kept all this time.
But Aaron has a debt, and someone has decided that the time has come to pay her…”

The four Toltec agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

“Castaneda has introduced the general public to the teachings of Mexican shamans who originate in the Toltec tradition, guardian of Quetzacoatl’s knowledge, the feathered snake. In this book, Don Miguel reveals the source of limiting beliefs that deprive us of joy and create unnecessary suffering.
The four agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can quickly turn our lives into an experience of freedom, true happiness and love. The fascinating world of true and embodied knowledge is finally within the reach of everyone.”

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