The tuxedo first appeared in England in 1889 and in the US around 1889. The dinner jacket was named « tuxedo » after Tuxedo Park which was a place frequented by New York’s social elite. Tuxedos were then seen a lot and therefore associated with socialite evenings and later ceremonies too. Today it answers to 6 basic rules. Here they are : 

Rule 1 : The length of the jacket
It must strictly follow the same rules as the « classical » jacket. The jacket ends just at the beginning of the bottom and therefore it will be hidden.

Rule 2 : The vents
Most of the time, the evening outfit does not have any vent. However, if you wish to have more comfort, we recommend a central vent.

Rule 3 : Sleeve length
We will allow sleeves a little shorter than the business jacket, nevertheless, we must not be able to see the sleeve/wrist stitching once the arm folded. This jacket will be worn with a shirt with French cuffs allowing to admire the cuffs.

Rule 4 : The color
Traditionally the color of a tuxedo is black, but it also is allowed to wear it navy blue, burgundy, dark green and white (the latter only beside the sea). Trend is to play with material contrast, between main material and the satin lapel. Dare flannel or velvet!

Rule 5 : The facings
The main characteristic of a tuxedo is that the collar lapel has to be in satin (mandatory). Without satin, it can not be considered as a proper tuxedo.
You can also find satin as a « baguette » through the length of the pant stitching.

Rule 6 : A tuxedo is automatically worn with a black bow tie and at least black Oxford (shoes). At best, black polished shoes (Brogue shoes).
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